What’s this all about?

It’s about place, time, health, information, cost and community. Most of all, it’s about filling basic human needs. Community Telehealth Centers enables remote delivery of behavioral health services, primary medical care and chronic disease management to community members in their local Public Library or Schools.

Our goal is to offer these personalized resources to all in need, regardless of ability to pay. CTC exists to address population health issues by fostering personal health responsibility with measurement, management and ongoing professional support. These issues include obesity, malnourishment, bullying, body-shaming, suicide prevention, opioid use disorder and social isolation. We approach these through the application of Telehealth technologies with care delivered remotely by Providers to patients and clients at trusted community-based sites.

All health professionals begin their careers wanting to do what the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker have always done: make a living by serving the community. The same is true for teachers and librarians. Often this happens under a crushing weight of student debt. So much enthusiasm and energy is lost in the urgent grind of time exchanged for money. Time is what remains scarce when everything else is abundant. Telehealth technology can save time and money.

It can erase the distance between client and clinician, patient and provider, student and teacher. We work with innovators willing to take big leaps in the direction of fundamental progress. We’re willing to reinvent the wheel, boil the ocean and do it until pigs fly, if it means a better public health outcome. We’re establishing a sustainable financial mechanism to support our offerings. Our intention is to avoid the traditional cycle of ongoing grant applications and perpetual dependency. Our partners include librarians, teachers, behavioral and medical health care providers, civic and not-for-profit leaders and the patients, clients and students they serve. We encourage your participation and support!