Community Telehealth Centers (CTC), is a program offering of connectedlearning.us., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

This program provides secure network connectivity and management to enable remote delivery of behavioral health services, primary medical care and chronic disease management in Libraries, Schools, and Community Centers.

Urgent Care and Emergency Room services serve their purpose, but it isn’t ours. CTC’s approach is preventive, not reactive.

We believe good health isn’t something to be found at the drug store and that an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure!

By enabling Telehealth technologies that deliver care remotely to patients and clients at trusted community-based sites, CTC can measurably impact population health issues through a mixture of services, education and kindness.

CTC is harnessing a network of community hubs with non-stigmatized space, local knowledge, outreach expertise, volunteering and community engagement opportunities along with access to vulnerable people who can benefit.


We’re developing what we hope will be a sustainable financial mechanism to support these offerings. This will be centered around connectedlearning.network, a dynamic new medium for the delivery of compelling and pertinent content underwritten by appropriate contributing sponsors.

Health and healthcare is too important to be left to bureaucrats and billionaires.

As much as possible, we intend to avoid the traditional cycle of ongoing grant applications and perpetual fundraising dependency in favor of a self sustaining ecosystem.

Time is what remains scarce when everything else is abundant. Telehealth technology can save time and money. It can erase the distance between client and clinician, patient and provider, student and teacher.

We need sponsors and underwriters willing to put skin in the game in exchange for the opportunity to get your messaging in front of an ever expanding audience who will identify your brand with a shared pursuit of the greater good.

We’ll partner with innovators willing to take big leaps towards fundamental progress. We’re willing to reinvent the wheel, boil the ocean and do it until pigs fly, if it means a better health outcome for individuals and their communities.

Join the conversation and help – be the change you want to see – contact us now!