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What Role Can Telehealth Play in Senior Care?

IN THE EARLIER DAYS OF health care, the physician’s house call was common. Many people received medical care at home, and it was just expected that doctors would travel – black bag filled with various instruments and equipment in hand – to care for people where they were. But as medicine has evolved, fewer physicians make […]

Retail outlets using telehealth pose significant privacy, policy concerns for health care

A significant shift in the health care market is well underway, with various insurers, medical groups, vendors and supply chains pursuing acquisitions and mergers to expand their services, and retail outlets, from Walmart and Amazon to Rite-Aid and Albertsons, delivering health care services, including telehealth. But do current policies adequately protect patient privacy and anticipate […]

Can Telehealth Slow the Traffic Between Nursing Homes, Emergency Departments?

There are 1.3 million transfers from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to emergency rooms each year, and CMS estimates that two-thirds of those are avoidable. The result is as much as $40 billion in unnecessary spending. Could telehealth be part of the solution? That question led Timothy Peck, M.D., formerly chief resident in the Emergency Department […]

Study: Physicians’ Use of Telemedicine Still the Exception, not the Rule

In 2016, 15 percent of physicians worked in practices that used telemedicine for patient interactions, such as diagnosing or treating patients, following up with patients, or managing patients with chronic conditions, according to an AMA (American Medical Association) study on telemedicine. The research, published in the December issue of Health Affairs, which covers telemedicine trends in an array […]

Study: Minnesota Telemedicine Visits Up 40 Percentage Points

(TNS) — The popularity of telemedicine has soared among Minnesotans in the past decade, with urban dwellers seeking the convenience of routine care online and rural residents videochatting with distant doctors for everything from prescription refills to psychiatric sessions to cancer consults. A first-of-its-kind report used a Minnesota database of health insurance claims and found […]

20 takeaways from Health Affairs’ telehealth issue

The journal Health Affairs is widely regarded as a key forum for conversations about health policy. This month, Health Affairs published a special issue with 20 research papers, editorials and analyses around the broad topic of telehealth, including synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine as well as remote patient monitoring. Of note, the journal is not a cheerleader for […]

Samford alumnus introduces first telemedicine kiosk in an Alabama pharmacy

As the owner of an independent pharmacy, Cole Sandlin’s goal is to make it a health care destination. “We’re located in a rural community, but I want my patients to have all of the amenities and services that bigger cities have to offer. This is what drives me to offer new things,” said Sandlin, a 2008 alumnus of Samford University’s McWhorter […]

Telemedicine demand spurs rural broadband push in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Republicans don’t usually look to Lyndon Johnson for inspiration. But the need for improved broadband services in rural areas — to spread telemedicine, viewed as the next frontier of medicine — has caused some to look to the former president’s efforts to connect those same areas to the electrical grid. “I’m […]