Community Telehealth Centers (CTC), is a program offering of, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
This program provides secure network connectivity and management to enable remote delivery of behavioral health services,
primary medical care and chronic disease management in Libraries, Schools, and Community Centers.

Urgent Care and Emergency Room services serve their purpose, but it isn’t ours. CTC’s approach is preventive, not reactive.
We believe good health isn’t something to be found at the drug store and that an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure!

We seek first to understand.

We are not bound by convention or what has come before. Each individual, family and community is unique. So too, are its leaders and public servants.

We keep equity at the center.

Life may not be fair, but we’d like to tilt the scales back in that direction. We’re drawn to, and driven by creativity, empathy and nourishment of body and soul. Mental health is at the center of all good health.

We presume positive intentions.

We listen, engage with one another and focus on the present while noodling on the future. We respect our partners and approach with an attitude of gratitude. We know we’re all humans, being.

Remote access to therapists, social workers and medical professionals can help span the gap in care, addressing key Public Health disparities where they arise, in our anchor community institutions: schools, libraries and community centers. Data-driven models can improve health and cut costs.


CTC is harnessing a network of community hubs with non-stigmatized space, local knowledge, outreach expertise, volunteering and community engagement opportunities along with access to vulnerable people who can benefit. Wellness and good health require education, training and support.

It’s widely understood that the future of care is digital. By enabling Telehealth technologies that deliver care remotely to patients and clients at trusted community-based sites, CTC can measurably impact population health issues and serve individuals through a mixture of services, education and kindness.


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